1950 Pickup and Owner Gary Hansen

Electric Motor and Charge Unit

Battery Box and Batteries

Richard Joslin sent several pictures of Gary Hansen's 1950 Studebaker C Cab Pickup that has been converted to elecric power. Richard spotted the truck while shopping in Seattle.

Gary installed an electric forklift motor and coupled it to the original Studebaker manual transmission. The battery charge unit is mounted under the hood and the batteries are located at the front of the cargo box in a specially fabricated aluminum box and covered with a hinged lid. The batteries are the lithium polymer type that is often used in electric vehicle conversions. This type battery has a high power density in a relatively light package compared to conventional lead-acid batteries.

Gary has done an excellent job with this conversion. It appears to be well thought out and the execution is first rate. The battery placement in a central location helps with weight distribution and allows for easy access. Gary indicated that the truck will do approximately 70 mph and run about 40 miles around town before charging. That is about the same top speed as a stock 1950 C Cab Pickup with the Champion flathead six.

Here is another view of Gary's truck. Thanks to Richard Joslin for sending the pictures and information about Gary's electric Studebaker truck conversion.

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