Art Deco Studebaker Dealership

Randy Griggs of Louisville, Kentucky sent in a number of pictures of a 1:64 scale Studebaker Dealership Diorama that he built. In the world of model railroading, 1:64 scale is known as S Gauge. Randy found the dealership online and was able to get different views from Google Maps. He then estmated the building dimensions and simplified the building somewhat in that he made the corners of the shop walls straight instead of curved. He did, however, make the showroom walls curved. He made the roof hinged so he could place 1:64 scale models inside the showroom. The red Studebaker truck and gold Avanti in the showroom mimic a picture of the actual dealership. Randy added the Art Deco style Studebaker sign like the one at the top of this page which looks great but is not on the real building.

The model is based on a Studebaker dealership located in Mena, Arkansas. The orginal dealership was built in 1948 and served as a Studebaker dealersip into the 1960's. After Studebaker shut down, the building was used for a number of purposes including as a restaurant, a plumbing supply store, and a dry cleaning establishment. The building was vacant for a number of years before being restored in the 1990's along with an old ESSO gas station. The restored buildings house a collection of antique cars, motorcycles, pedal bikes, and automotive memorabilia. The Mena Studebaker dealership is on the National Register of Historic Places. Here is a picture of the actual building.

Randy's fine work has appeared on this page several time in the past. These include a 1:64 scale Studebaker C Cab Auto Transporter that was the Stude Toy of the Month in April 2012 and a 1:64 scale narrow box Champ Pickup that was Stude Toy of the Month in August 2012. Thanks to Randy for sending the pictures and information on his latest Studebaker related project.

HO Scale Studebaker Dealership

Ed Sallia sent in pictures of an HO scale Studebaker dealership that he built for the Catlin Gabel Model Railroad Club. The club is located in the basement of the Caretakerís House on the campus of Catlin Gabel School. The building is a Walthers Trainline "Wallschlager Motors" pre-built structure with added rooftop sign made from a Blair Line laser-cut wood kit. The sign is lit with a single 16 volt LED. The Studebakers are Alloy Forms HO scale 1948 Commander Starlight Coupes that were purchased on-line and painted using a 1948 Studebaker color chart as a guide. Here is another view of the dealership.

The dealership sits at the edge of the small town on the east end of the layout and is set in 1948 but can be adjusted to other time periods. As far as Ed can tell, it is the only Studebaker dealership on a railroad club scale model railroad in the U.S. Ed says that the Studebaker dealership is the first thing most guests notice when the room lights are turned off and the layout lights are turned on. He notes that most of the students have to be told what a Studebaker is which opens up an opportunity to educate youngsters about these great cars. Ed has been known to take his Studebaker to school so that the kids can see the real thing.

Ed Sallia's 1950 Studebaker Commander Sedan was Stude of the Month in this page in June 2011 and his 1955 President State Sedan wqas Stude of the Month in Jume 2015. Thanks to Ed for sending the pictures and information.

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