Custom Built 1947 M Series Stake Bed

Restored National Products C Cab Pickup

Resin Cast 1954 Conestoga Station Wagon

In Progress 1962 Lark Skytop

Jim Amado of Utica, New York sent a bunch of pictures of his Studebaker toy and model collection. Jim has a diverse collection of both small scale and large scale Studebaker cars and trucks ranging from factory originals, to restored examples, to custom built models.

Jim says that he has been a car nut ever since he can remember. He began tinkering with plastic models about fifty seven years ago and seriously building and collecting soon thereafter. Thirty eight years ago he opened a shop dealing in automotive related collectibles including scale models and automotive sales literature. It was a unique shop offering many unique products and services including custom built models of customer's vehicles. The shop closed in 2014 after 35 years in operation.

Jim has published a number of articles in both scale model and automotive publications, the most recent appearing in the August 2017 issue of Toy Trucker & Contractor.

Starting from the top, the 1947 M Series Stake Bed began life as an Ertl Pickup. The running boards were cut, the rear fenders and pickup box were removed, a stake bed and rack were added, and the wheels were painted black.

The National Products C Cab Pickup is a restoration and repaint with replacement wheels and tires cast in plaster.

The 1954 Conestoga Station Wagon is a resin cast kit made by All American Models. An AMT 1953 Starliner kit is needed for parts to complete it. All American Models went out of business some time ago.

The work in progress 1962 Lark Skytop is a JoHan plastic model kit with an opening cut into the roof and simulated folded top appropriated from a Volkswagen plastic model kit made by Pyro.

Custom M Series Box Truck Project

National Products 1947 Commander Coupe

Worlds Fair Studebaker Land Cruiser

1954 Commander Hardtop Promotional

The M Series Box Truck Project began life as an Ertl diecast 1947 pickup. The fender assembly and frame were cut, the chassis was lengthened, the cargo body was pirated from another diecast truck, plastic sheet was added as skirting below the box, and plastic strips were added to sides of box and around the rear wheel openings. It is still a work in progress. Jim intends to match the paint on the cab and box and is looking for find appropriate wheels with the correct number of slots and lug nuts.

The National Products 1947 Commander is a restoration with more appropriate larger diameter plaster cast tires added. The pot metal body was filed and filled where imperfections existed and the model was repainted.

The 1934 World's Fair Studebaker Land Cruiser is a rubber copy of the original National Products pot metal promotional down to the World's Fair lettering on the back. It was molded black which has proven to be a challenge to piant. The wheels and tires are wood.

The 1954 Commander Starliner Hardtop is an AMT promotional model. The original celluloid windshield has been replaced with a plastic one from an AMT plastic model kit and the side window frame has been removed at the center to better represent the hardtop body style. Chrome trim and wheels have yet to be addressed.

Ertl 1939 Texaco Tank Truck

Signature Models 1928 Studebaker Fire Truck

Revell 1910 Studebaker Electric

Jo-Han 1959 Lark Hardtop Promotional

The Texaco Tank Truck was made by Ertl and was sold as a 1939 model in 1:25 scale. It was number 22 in a series of Texaco Tankers. Jim contends that it more accurately resembles an earlier model truck and is closer to 1:32 scale. This model was available in normal Texaco red and in a less realistic special "red chrome" edition.

The 1928 Studebaker Fire Truck is a Signature Model made by Yat Ming. It is 1:32 scale and is nicely detailed including various ladders, hoses, and a hood that opens to reveal a detailed engine. Yat Ming makes a number of Studebaker models in various scales incuding a 1937 Coupe Express, 1950 Champion Starlight Coupe, 1958 Golden Hawk, and a 1963 Avanti.

The 1910 Studebaker Electric is a built Revell plastic model kit. It is part of the Highway Pioneer quick construction kit series based on designs by the British toy company Gowland and Gowland. It is 1:32 scale and was originally issued in the early 1950's. This model was reissued by Minicraft Models in the early 1990's. Gowland and Gowland is also known for a series of ships in a bottle kits.

The 1959 Lark Hardtop is a dealer promotional made by Jo-Han Models of Detroit, Michigan. This model did not come with an interior. It is nominally 1:25 scale but is likely a bit larger scale since tyhe Lark was a relatively small car. Jo-Han promotionals from this period are prone to warping and window crazing over time. This example has been repainted and an interior from a 1962 Lark plastic model kit has been added.

I'll be adding more models from Jim's collection to this page as space allows. Thanks to Jim for sending the pictures and information about his great Studebaker toy and model collection

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